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Recently I had a baby and being pregnant I frequented a pregnancy chat room. One question I saw asked a lot was, "What should I pack in my hospital bag?". Well here is a little guide line to go by.

How much is too much?

Okay, some people like to look on line for things to pack in their bags. I have laughed at some of the lists I have come across. You don't need to pack 3 pairs of underwear. Actually when you have a baby the hospital provides you with these really comfortable mesh undies. They look corny but believe me when I tell you that they are extremely comfortable. Two bags should be plenty. Yes two small bags is all you need.

What exactly should I pack?

All you need is a diaper bag and another bag about the same size. In the diaper bag all you need to pack is a blanket, which you can use as a backdrop for the hospital pictures. Also a cute outfit that you will use to bring baby home in and to dress baby in to take the hospital pictures. A pacifier, some baby wipes and some diapers, which really aren't necessary because the hospital usually provides those too. In bag number 2 you will need to pack things for you and your spouse. Pack yourself a comfortable outfit to wear home, something like a pair of loose sweats (or shorts if baby is born in a hot month) and a baggy shirt. Pack yourself some slippers too because more then likely you might be a bit swollen especially if you receive a lot of fluids during labor. Obviously you need to pack some hygene products for you and your spouse because you will be spending a few days at the hospital. Pack some snacks and a change of clothes for your spouse. The hospital usually doesn't supply food for your spouse, and if they do you might want to bring some snacks anyways because in my experience hospital food is not all that great. And most importantly pack yourself a camera. Bringing your little bundle of joy into the world is something you will want to capture on film. That is all you need it is that simple.

When should I pack it?

Well this all depends. If you are having a planned induction or cesarean then I would pack it a few days prior that way if you forget something you can pack it as soon as you remember, also so you aren't running around last minute like a chicken with your head cut off. If you are not having a planned induction then you should pack it between week 35-37 of your pregnancy. I know it may sound soon but you can actually go into labor at anytime after 37 weeks and again you don't want to be running around like a chicken with your head cut off, especially while you are having contractions.

I hope this has made your hospital bag dilemma easier. Also congratulations on your soon arrival of your child.