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When to Pack an Overnight Bag

Mary thought the wind smelled of Nebraska. She was walking down the narrow, cracked drive toward the mailboxes. She thought about getting the mail, but couldn't remember if it was Sunday. She walked past the mail boxes and didn't look back.Mary once saw a map with weather symbols over a […]

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How to Pack a Carry-on Bag

The way you pack your flight carry on bag can mean the difference between fumbling around for your CD player with all of your personal hygiene items rolling around the cabin floor, and a nice relaxing flight with you essentials at hand. Choose a good flight bag. You need to […]

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How to Pack Your Beauty Bag

When you travel, you don't want to compromise your beauty routine, but you don't always have room to pack every last part of your repertoire. I know for me, sometimes it's a tough call between my lipsticks on what I pack. But you don't have to sacrifice your style for […]

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The Smart Way to Pack Your Bags for a Trip

Have you ever been stressed by luggage problems during travel? If so, then you sure wouldn't want to experience that again. To help you pack more systematically, here are some tips:Carry-on Bag for ValuablesThere are things that are non-negotiable in terms of being lost. Therefore, have a separate purse for […]

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Pack a Great Beach Bag

A day out at the beach is a relaxing proposition, but it's easy to forget one key thing – sunscreen, water, lotion – that can end up ruining everything and maybe forcing an early retreat. Use this guide to ensure you've got at least all the basics covered before you […]

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