The Smart Way to Pack Your Bags for a Trip

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Have you ever been stressed by luggage problems during travel? If so, then you sure wouldn't want to experience that again. To help you pack more systematically, here are some tips:

Carry-on Bag for Valuables

There are things that are non-negotiable in terms of being lost. Therefore, have a separate purse for all your valuables such as personal things, documents (passport/visa), toiletries, cash or its equivalent, jewelry, electronic gadgets, perishables and breakables (eye glasses, etc.). In this way, you can be sure that these things won't get lost since it wouldn't get away from your hands and eyesight. Bring something that is compact but spacious enough; this way, you can slid it under your airplane seat or tuck between your arms. To easily know what must be put inside a carry-on, think of what you need in the first 24 hours of your travel or until you reach your destination.

Check Standards before the Trip

Whether you like it or not, some airlines and travel agencies must check the size, weight and number of your luggage to see if it fits their standards; if doesn't, then say bye-bye to your excess baggage.

To avoid this frustration, know their limits beforehand. Keep in mind that not all airlines have the same rules so check with your real travel agency for accuracy. Usually, the limit is up to two or three bags if you don't have a carry-on; extra or oversized bags are charged accordingly. Sometimes, the allowance is based on the weight and not on the number of bags.

Shopping Advices

If you are planning to splurge on some items during your trip, be guided by the limits still. If you are going to put them in your checked bags, keep the receipts as proof of purchase if it gets lost or damaged. If the items you bought are personal, then you can put it in your carry-on. Never put deadly weapons in your carry-on bags to avoid being accused of having grievous threats.

Proper Labeling

To make sure that all your valuables will be returned to you whatever case you encounter, label all of them. Put your name, address, destination and contact numbers inside and outside the every bag. In this way, you can be hopeful that your things will be returned to you.

Don't Over-pack

Give priority space to the most essential items; pack the secondary or fanciful things last. If you can eliminate some of them, then it would be much better. Over-packing causes bag edges to pop open when it could no longer carry the heavy weight; the tendency is for your things to burst out and get lost in the process of travel. An added tip for those who need to carry electronic gadgets, fragile items and appliances is to keep them in a separate, sturdy container.