Month: March 2020

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Success with a Paper Bag

Who knew success could be tied to a paper bag and a hideous mask? To Cody Rhodes, it’s happened over the past few months due to his recent character change. Cody has been a familiar presence on TV for the past number of years being right around the mid-card area […]

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How to Declutter Your Handbag or Purse

Keeping your handbag or purse organized can help you get through your days with ease and ensure that you never lose your wallet, cell phone, makeup and other necessities. It's important to spend a few minutes decluttering your handbag or purse each week, especially if you're always on a tight […]

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Golf Bag Review: Stand Bags

The following is the top 5 Stand Bags ranked on reviews and personal experience in the golf industry. Sun Mountain-Zero G stand bag. Retail price is $229.00, but can be purchased at for $199.00. The Zero G bag has a new strap system that could just revolutionize the way […]

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