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The following is the top 5 Stand Bags ranked on reviews and personal experience in the golf industry.

  1. Sun Mountain-Zero G stand bag. Retail price is $229.00, but can be purchased at for $199.00. The Zero G bag has a new strap system that could just revolutionize the way carry bags are made. The new innovation is called the Belt Strap, what this does is removes most the weight from the shoulders and back, and moves it down to the hips and legs, making it much easier to carry when playing 18 holes or more. The Zero G weighs 5.6 pounds, this includes the rain hood. The bag comes with 6 sectors to carry and store your clubs in. The strap system comes with 4 adjustment points, and the thick and comfortable padding is a bonus. The bag also has 7 pockets, and straps on the right side to carry an umbrella. A nice little surprise is the pencil holder, no more digging into your pockets after every hole. The Zero G comes in 6 different color combination's, and with the sleek leg design, is sure to please every golfer. With the new strap innovation, and the durability of Sun Mountain, the Zero G gets the highest ranking in the Stand Bag category, the final grade is an A, with a score of 95.
  2. Ping-4 Under bag hits our 2nd spot. Retail price is $135.00, and can be purchased at for the same $135.00. The 4 Under bag is also the lowest priced bag in our review. The 4 Under weighs in at just under 4 pounds, making it the lightest bag in our top 5, and that includes the rain hood. With 4 sectors to carry your clubs, this being the biggest knock on the bag, clubs tend to move around alot, and only 5 pockets, this could be designed much better. The strap is a 2 system design, with one of the straps being totally adjustable, even when walking. The padding is thick, and supplies the much needed comfort when carrying. The 4 Under comes in 6 color combination's and is unmistakable with the Ping leg design. Overall, even with the couple drawbacks, with the weight and strap system, the 4 Under takes our 2nd spot with a grade of A-, and a score of 91.
  3. The Titleist Lightweight bag comes in at number 3, retailing for $160.00, the bag can be found at, for $159.95. The Lightweight, not a very original name, but a very effective stand bag, weighs in at 4.7 pounds, this includes the rain hood. The Lightweight comes with 6 sectors for carrying your clubs. The bags best feature is the long standing EZ-Fit strap system, and the padding on the straps is excellent, the one major need is more padding where the bag rests along the players back. The Lightweight comes with 6 pockets, an umbrella strap, and a ring to carry a towel. The Lightweight comes in numerous color combination's, so check your retailer first for your favorite colors. The final grade for the Lightweight is an A-, with a score of 90.
  4. Sun Mountain-Superlight 3.5. Retailing at $169.00, you can purchase the 3.5 at, for $159.95. Just like the Zero-G, the 3.5 comes with Sun Mountains latest innovation, the Belt Strap. 6 sectors in the 3.5 makes it an ease to handle all your clubs. The weight comes in at 4.3 pounds, this includes the rain hood. The only drawback is the padding in the strap system, it is by far the thinnest padding in all the bags we are reviewing. The 3.5 comes with 7 pockets, and a pencil holder. With 9 color combination's, the most of any Sun Mountain bag, your sure to find a color to fit your needs. The final grade for the Superlight 3.5 is a B+, with a final score of 89.
  5. Pings-Hoofer C-1 rounds out the top 5. The C-1 retails for $189.00, but can be found at, for $179.95. The strap system, like the 4 Under, is the best feature in the C-1. The same adjustable features, even while walking, keeps Ping at, or near the top in Carry Bags every year. The C-1 comes with 5 sectors for club storage, and 7 pockets to hold everything you need for your best round ever. This Ping bag comes with duel handles, 1 coming at the bottom of the bag, for ease in travel. Another nice feature is the zippered opening in the bottom, no more tipping your bag upside down when dropping something in it, just unzip, and remove. The only reason the C-1 doesn't rank higher, is the overall size, it almost resembles at cart bag. The final grade is a B, with a score of 87.
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