How to Pack a Toddlers Overnight Bag for a Car Trip

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When you are going on an overnight trip with your children, it is important to pack an overnight bag. The overnight bag is the bag that you will keep up front in the car and not in the trunk. This is especially important for toddlers. With toddlers you will need to have an extra change of clothes, just in case of an accident.

When planning to pack your children’s overnight bag you will need to have more than just clothes. You will also need to have at least one washcloth per child, hand soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb and brush, and whatever other items you need on a daily basis. When you stop at the rest areas there are certain items you will want to have on hand so that you can clean up your kids and freshen them up. If you have toddlers who are potty trained you will also want to have this in your overnight bag. This way when you arrive at a rest stop you can pull it out and use it quickly. I also liked to have Clorox disinfecting wipes on hand to wipe down the potty seat after using it at the rest stop. If you are going to wash your kids up with the rag I would recommend that you use bottle water to wet the rag and clean them up. Rest stops are usually very filthy and it is better just to wash up outside of the car after they use the bathroom.

By taking the time to allow your kids to freshen up a bit you will find it to be a lot easier to keep the kids happy and comfortable on a long road trip. Toddlers are definitely a challenge into eh car and can require a lot of work. By taking the time to pack an overnight bag that can be used for everyone in the family to get what they need you will find that things run a bit smoother. I would also recommend that you put plenty of band aids, and ointment just in case any one cuts a sudden bruise. Also don’t forget to put the baby wipes in this part of the bag, and an extra plastic bag. Some children tend to get car sick on long rides, so be sure that you are prepared for the unexpected. Check the plastic bag to make sure that tit has no holes in it, prior to packing.