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Who knew success could be tied to a paper bag and a hideous mask? To Cody Rhodes, it’s happened over the past few months due to his recent character change.

Cody has been a familiar presence on TV for the past number of years being right around the mid-card area but never really getting anything more than that as far as a push goes. At the end of the 2010, Cody was “Dashing” and was giving male beauty and fashion tips around the facial area. It seemed like a good idea but it ultimately wasn’t advancing his career any further. Then he was put in an angle where he needed “facial reconstruction surgery” after he was hit in the mouth by an errant knee by Rey Mysterio.

Cody then was featured moreso with a fresh look to his character, a look that was darker and detailed his embarrassment about being seen in public. It led to a Wrestlemania win over Mysterio and seemed to give his career a boost.

In the next few months, Rhodes’ character was enhanced with assistants bringing out paper bags to hand out to those in the audience detailing how supposedly ugly they really were. It later became a trademark of Rhodes. After beating down an opponent, he would humiliate them with the paper bag treatment and put it over their heads.

From there, Rhodes went from paper bag man to life coach trying to resurrect the career of Ted DiBiase both on TV and in real life. DiBiase had really fallen off the map in the past year with WWE. They tried him with a romantic angle with Maryse and that turned out lousy, then DiBiase was traded to Smackdown as an afterthought. DiBiase actually started to find his position back on the map as Rhodes would mentor the young wrestler and friend through his difficult times. He still kept his dark persona and now has had a streak of unpredictability with his recent actions. Demanding perfection from DiBiase, Rhodes went and gave his finisher to his friend DiBiase because he lost to World Champion Randy Orton. It’s a nice addition to his character.

In addition, Rhodes won the Intercontinental Championship a couple of weeks ago which may prove that WWE wants to take some stock in Rhodes for a possible push toward main-event status. If his character, which his one of the best heel characters around, keeps it up, maybe he will fulfill that promise of a possible WWE or World Title reign.

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