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One of the most stressful, painful, and truly amazing events is to give birth to a baby. There are several items that an expectant mother should bring with her to the hospital in preparation of giving birth as well as after the delivery while she and the baby spend anywhere from one to three days in the hospital. Prior to the big day actually arriving, a woman needs to have her bag packed and ready to go.

Depending on your personal preferences and needs, you should pack your bag accordingly. While most women still attend a hospital, many are opting for birthing centers. When the time comes and labor is upon you, remember to pack your bag with items that will help to keep you calm and focused. Many women choose to take birthing classes where they are taught some ways in which to achieve a state of calm while in labor.

Some of the special items to pack for delivery may include:
• A birthing ball
• Tennis balls to massage a weary back
• A cd player and cd's if one is not already in the delivery room
• A photograph or other visual item to concentrate on that puts you into a calm frame of mind.
• Something to read
Other items to pack for the delivery include:
• A nightgown if you choose to birth in your own clothing
• Bathrobe and slippers to walk around the hospital while in early labor
• Snacks if the hospital allows
• Camera with extra battery and film if not digital
• Address and/or telephone book
• Toiletries, including a hairbrush and something to tie hair back with
• Lip moisturizer and lollipops
• Your own pillow
• Insurance card
• Birth plan if you have written one
• Eyeglasses if you generally wear contact lenses
Stuff to pack in your bag for your husband/partner/birthing coach in the delivery room:
• Toiletries
• Change of clothing
• Cash
• Bathing suit if they choose to join in a water birth
• Reading material
Items to pack in your bag for after the delivery
• Comfortable clothes including nightgown, slippers, and robe
• Toiletries – the hospital provides shampoo, conditioner and soap
• Nursing bra and nursing pads
• Underwear if you choose not to wear the mesh ones provided, just be aware they will be stained
• Cell phone or prepaid phone card since some hospitals do not allow cell phone use
• Going home outfit – you will not be that much smaller after delivery, so pack some comfortable maternity clothing
Stuff to pack in your bag to bring home your new baby:
• An infant car seat – you cannot leave the hospital without this
• An outfit to bring baby home in
• Baby booties and mittens, the hospital provides newborn hats
• If it is winter, then be sure to bring a snowsuit or something similar
• The baby book just in case you have time
• Pen and paper to record any thoughts such as guests and gifts

Most of these items are necessary for labor, delivery, and for taking baby home. When the time comes to pack your bag for the hospital, make sure you are prepared for everything..

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